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VolksWagen Classic – 35th Legendary International VW Meeting – Staggia Senese, 2021

35th Legendary International VW Meeting – Staggia Senese, 2021

In reference to the serious pandemic that is unfortunately affecting our country and the whole world, taking into account the state of health emergency approved on January 31, 2020 by the Council of Ministers (No. 27/2020) for the Coronavirus epidemic, with term scheduled for July 31, 2020, we have decided against our will to CANCEL the dates of the 35th LEGENDARY INTERNATIONAL VW MEETING of July 2,3,4,5 pv

We have thought about it for a long time and we consider it appropriate to stop our organizational machine, out of respect for everything that is happening, everything we have seen through the news, read and that unfortunately some of us / you have experienced firsthand.

This year would have been a great birthday for the International VW Meeting in Staggia Senese, but this "GREAT PARTY" is only POSTPONED, we promise you that we will get to work soon "looking to the future" to find ourselves all together celebrating in the 2021 with a crazy event.

In the next few days we will contact all those who have already registered, through our online form, just give us time to do it because you were many, for any doubt or question, do not hesitate to contact us at the email address

We hope to get out soon from this surreal moment that we are going through in order to find ourselves all together in our squares, in our meadows, in our cities with our cars to celebrate together.

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In compliance with the latest DPCM, we inform you that the showroom and shop will be closed to the public for direct sale until a date to be assigned,
however, we will remain operational and are at the complete disposal of our customers. Even in this difficult moment we will try to serve you better and satisfy every request!

We will therefore remain active:
✅ by email
✅ through the online store

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How to contact us:
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